Appalachia Mission Trip



St. Richard & St. Catherine

Appalachia Mission Trips

Each year in June, our parishes take two different groups for a weeklong misson trip to rebuild and restore homes for families and local establishments that serve the community year-round. Preparation for the Mission Trip begins months in advance with a dedicated Core Team of volunteers who scout out sites, plan and prepare for the work that will be done. The adults and college leaders guide the youth missionaries throughout the week both on the jobsite and off. In addition to working a jobsite, the missionaries have an opportunity for recreation in the evening, prayer and discussion with their small group and dynamic evening programs lead by the youth ministers. By the end of the week, not only have the missionaries changed the lives of those they’ve served, but their own lives will never be the same.


If you are an adult, consider volunteering to help on a jobsite or serving at the High School as a part of the kitchen crew. The Mission Trip isn’t possible without a generous and hard working group of adults!

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